As most of you already know, on August 18th, zero edition of Imagination open-air will take place in Svojsice. Many of you surely know that the entry is completely free of charge upon an online registration. And some of you also know that there will be two stages. First one will be dedicated to drum & bass and the other will be devoted to harder styles. None of you, however, knew until this moment what the line-up of this crazy party will be. It is time to put the cards on the table and introduce it to you.

The Drum & Bass Stage will be headlined by The King of the jungle DJ Aphrodite from UK, Russian neurofunk duo Gydra and well-known Italian crossbreed duo Hallucinator. They will be supported by a powerful legion of home-based DJs such as Pixie, A-Cray, Madface, X.Morph, Symplex, Bifidus Aktif, Suki, Volume Plus, N:Force, Cockroach, Upfockerz, Mustaffa & Sheriff, Elwira and Hrounex.

Harder Styles Stage will be headlined by the legendary tekno producer Guigoo, the new rising star of the hardstyle label Dirty Workz JNXD and frenchcore executors Hungry Beats. The support DJs will be well-known names on Czech scene such as Mejsi, Heavy Noizes, Daredevils, Hatom, Mindjacker, DJ Ychy, The Butchers, George Crusher, Dark Wizard, Crane, Kizzah, Sixtas, Deel and Korty.

Registration process will be very easy. In the section TICKETS you will find a registration form, where you need to fill in the name, surname, e-mail and age of the festival participant.  Filling out the registration form will not take more than a minute. In the beginning of August you will be requested by e-mail to confirm your registration and after confirmation you will be sent a QR code ticket.

Reach with us the rock bottom of your limits on this ultimate 15-hour crazy ride that will be recorded in history as the legendary zero edition of Imagination Festival open air!