Important information for THE UPCOMING Outdoor Rave

Venue, Start of the event, ticket sale

Outdoor Rave takes place on 18th of August in Svojšice Amphitheater near Pardubice. The festival program starts at 3:00PM and ends at 6:00AM. Every visitor will receive from our hostesses a useful brochure with a dj’s timetable, festival map, merchandise info and upcoming events.

Single use tickets will be available at the doors for 200CZK (aprox. 8EUR). In&Out Passes will be available as well for 500,- CZK. Every ticket is bound with name, at the entrance you’ll be asked for ID, PLEASE BRING IT WITH YOU! Registered visitors have a free single use ticket. Visitors who have registered and received their free ticket or bought single-use ticket will come to the corridors at the entrance to the festival area. Visitors with In&Out tickets will proceed to the Acreditations to get their wristband. Avoid purchasing tickets from resellers, the tickets are passing through scanner and it is not possible to use them again. We recommend you to arrive at early to avoid unnecessary waiting at queues and so you do not miss out on some of the headliners. Also if you arrive early you will have the opportunity to get some items from our limited edition merchandise at Escape Wear stand.


There will be an ATM inside festival area, but we recommend you to take enough cash anyway! We recommend to exchange enough money to CZK, however there will be a possibility to pay by euros.

No hand strips will be given at the entrance to speed up the check in process. In&Out pass tickets will receive a paper wristband at the Acreditations. You can buy an official Outdoor Rave silicon wristbands at the official merchandise stand by Escape Wear.

GPS of Outdoor Rave: 49°58’14.2″N 15°36’12.0″E

Please note: You can only use your ticket once to access the festival site. After leaving the area you are not allowed to go back inside. In&Out passes have the possibility to leave the festival area and come back without buying a new ticket.

Accreditation, E-tickets

Accreditations are placed in front of the festival entrance next to cash desk and they are opened from 2PM. Do not forget to take your ID which is needed for your identification.

Visitors who have won our FB competition for In & Out passes must accredit themselves with a valid ID at the ACCREDITATION tent at the entrance. Only then they will then be allowed to enter the premises.


It’s forbidden to camp/park near the festival area on Friday. Campsite opens on Saturday 12:00 and closes on Sunday 12:00.

Restrictions and warnings

It’s forbidden to bring your own drinks, food, laser pointers, pyrotechnics, cans, aerosol sprays, plastic bottles, camelbacks or any sharp objects into the festival area. It’s against the law to enter with any type of guns or drugs. Visitors with free registration ticket or single-use ticket are not allowed to leave the festival area (no handstrips will be given so you will have to buy a new ticket if you leave).  Anyone who will be selling drugs at the festival site will be handed over to local police. In case you recognize a person selling forbidden substances, please notice our security

Every visitor must go through a short security check. We thank you in advance for respecting that. In case there will a queue of people, please avoid pushing through. This will not get you into festival premises earlier.Our video team will be recording in the festival area. Please respect their job and you might be rewarded by appearing in our festival aftermovie.


Lockerboxes will be available at the site. We strongly recommend you to put your bags to the locker boxes so you don’t bother other visitors of the festival and to prevent any losses. Lockerboxes are available for 150,- CZK (with deposit 100,- CZK) and will be placed near the entrance of the festival.

Food and beverages

Overall there will be 4 bars with soft drinks and premium alcohol. Food will be available in the opposite of the Harder Styles stage.


Toilets will be in the festival and are available next to the Drum&Bass stage.

Official Merchandise – ESCAPE WEAR STAND

Limited amount of Outdoor Rave T-Shirts will be available in the Escape Wear stand for 450,- CZK. You can also find silicon wristbands with “I’ve survived” claim for just 50,- CZK. You can also buy Imagination festival and Devastator merchandise at the stand.

If you are considering buying some of these clothes or accessories, do not forget to take enough cash with you.

Refundable beer cups

In order to save the environment by a ton of waste, we are introducing this year’s half-liter beer cups. The deposit per cup will be 50 CZK. When buying a new drink, each cup will be replaced with clean one. Cups can be returned to bars. Damaged cups can not be refunded.

Festival map


First aid

You will find a rescue service next to the Drum&Bass stage. Medical and security workers will be coming through area, they’re working for all of us.

We reccommend you to take earplugs and protect your ears.

Photo and Video

In order to capture all the special moments of Outdoor Rave, it is possible to bring your mobile and compact digital cameras to the event. Professional cameras (with interchangeable lenses) and video cameras are only allowed for people who have received a special photo pass accreditation.


By train

The easiest way to get to the area via public transport is by train to the station Pardubice Main Station (Pardubice Hl.n.). Station is placed on the major railway from Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and biggest Czech cities. You can plan your journey in Czech Republic via IDOS.CZ (in down-right corner switch to English). Your journey will then continue with organized shuttle buses which will be placed near the Pardubice Main Station, all the informations about shuttle buses are down below.

Shuttle bus from Pardubice to Svojšice and back

We arranged comfortable transport for you from Pardubice. The bus will leave from Main Bus Station Pardubice, bus stop number 12 inside of Pardubice Main station Hall. For better orientation, the buses will be covered with the posters of Festival Svojšice. The scheduled departure of the first bus from the Main Bus Station is at 2:00 PM. The last one will depart at 10:00 PM. Buses will travel at 30 min intervals. Pardubice Central Bus Station is about 5 minutes’ walk from Central Train Station.

Buses from SVOJŠICE will be located near the main road near the entrance to the grounds. The departure of the first bus from Svojšice to Pardubice is at 6.00 am SUNDAY.

The price of the individual ride is 80 CZK. Please have small change ready.

The minimum number of passengers in the vehicle will be 10 people, otherwise the shuttle will not depart. In case of any changes we would like to kindly ask you for your patience. We will try to announce the change as soon as possible and solve any issues to your satisfaction.

GPS of Outdoor Rave: 49°58’14.2″N 15°36’12.0″E


Any original festival costumes (which will not offend people around you) are welcome! You are also allowed to take masks, signs, banners and flags to support your country or performers. Imagination Festival does not require any dresscode. All clothes, sings or flags which support intolerance against any nationality, race, ethnic, religion or sexuality are not allowed on the festival site and their owners will be taken out from the festival.

We wish you great party and the best party experience in the heart of Europe!