In June, there is going to be the jubilee tenth Imagination party and in a new summer open air concept – Imagination Summer OA.

. In two Junes nights, from 14th to 15th of June 2019, you can look forwards to a lot of news and updates that we will slowly reveal during the upcoming months. Right now, you can get excited because we just announced the first phase of the festivals line up. The following seven producers are the perfect combination of the best of drum and bass and harder styles. Imagination stage will come alive with Feint’s melodies, a true neurofunk storm will be unleashed by Current Value and Inward, Hanzo & Randie. At Devastator stage, you can look forward to the energic hardstyle show by Sub Zero Project, euphoric hardstyle represented by Devin Wild, a hardcore load by Deadly Guns and the frenchcore hell on earth will be invoked by Le Bask. Are you ready for this madness?

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