In a couple of days, Devastator will give it’s fans a chance to peek through the gates of Valhalla – if only for one evening. The ever-growing army of harder styles diehards will unite in their new pagan temple to enjoy a rite of pure music worship. And we can tell you it will be quite a mass!

On Friday, 12th April, Ostrava’s Trojhalí Karolina will be turned into a monumental ossuary from the dark depths of the past, with an ancient Viking skull as the dominant feature of the stage. Against the majestic backdrop of this new harder styles citadel, a spectacular light show will guide you through the night’s crusade under the banner of its warlords: N-Vitral, Act of Rage, The Sickest Squad, Floxytek, Narkotek in full crew (Guigoo, Weser & Seno), Bit Reactors in a versus with Hungry Beats and last but not least Sirio.

Mesmerising lasers are one thing, but Devastator, of course, also means a massive sound. You wanted some heavy bass drops? Here you go; you’re welcome. Now we can only pray that the Funktion One sound system in the hands of these hardstyle, hardcore and frenchcore maniacs won’t collapse the house into a pile of rubble.
Devastator is trying to create an event that is unlike anything that came before: A true kingdom of the harder styles, only for the initiates. A place where you get to awaken your inner berserker – to forget the past and the future for a while and live only in the moment, just like these fierce mythical warriors.
Even though Devastator will be breaking all hell loose, it will also provide comfortable chill zones where you can freshen up with a drink at the bar and rest your bones before the next battle. So make sure you don’t miss the first harder edition of Devastator Ostrava! The tickets are still available for a special price. You can also claim our special 1+1 offer.

More info is available at Devastator Hall Ostrava FB event. Get your tickets and info now at


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