Dj contest know it’s winners! After listening again and again to more than 40 sets we have choosen the winners who will have a chance to participate on the opening of Imagination Festival Prague on all three stages.

IMAGINATION STAGE dj contest winner is PWP for his amazing liquid dnb set! We would like to give a shout out here for Crimson – very good set!

NEUROFUNK WILL NEVER DIE GOES EXTREME dj contest winner is Penza, with his great neurofunk set. We would like to add that ABEL has made one of the best sets we’ve ever heard, it was really our pleasure to listen to this masterpiece ABEL! Thank you!

DEVASTATOR STAGE dj contest winner is the Dark Wizard, with his gradating hardstyle set. Also stereocode dj set was pretty awesome and we hope to see guys rocking the stages in europe somewhere in the future!

Congratulations! Winners please hit our mail at

Thank you all for your participation and see you soon at Imagination Festival Prague!

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