A while ago we have introduced individual stages and artists who will perform on them. Today we will introduce you to the unique space of Prague’s Letňany Exhibition Center, where the Imagination Festival returns after four years. On Saturday, November 24th, we will deliver the most delicate drum & bass and harder styles in a truly unique space with two great stages.

One of the main advantages of the PVA Letňany Exhibition Center is that it is very adaptable and therefore perfectly satisfies our requirements. It allows us to build stages and dancefloor that will be double the size compared to ones that we had in EXPO HOLESOVICE where the event took place last year. This means more space for the visitors of the festival and, therefore, much more comfort to everybody. Visitors can expect larger bars without neverending queues and comfortable sofas or classic beersets at the corners of each of the halls. Sou you can enjoy your favorite sets played by your beloved performers on stage even while you are resting with drink in a sofa or beerset. You will be alowed to smoke and cool down in the open air area outside the halls. There will also be lockerboxes and large-capacity dressing room with at least seven pick up spots, so getting your stuff from the cloakroom will go without waiting. You can also look forward to a unique stage design and a great show that is improving with every ucoming year! To get a better idea, have a look at photoreport of Imagination Festival 2014 which took place in PVA Letnany.


We hope that you will enjoy and embrace this newly conquered territory with us because YOU (our beloved diehard fans) are the main reason why we have been striving for this unique space so hard. If you are not already, we hope that you will fall in love with Imagination Festival because this year it appears to be the biggest Imagination ever. Share this historic moment with us and take a journey to the deepest depths of your imagination on the 24th of November at the Exhibition Grounds in Letňany, Prague!



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