First of all, let us thank you all for your loyalty that you have displayed to us during all those years. It is highly appreciated! For years you have been partying with us on our events and your dedication is endless.

That is why it is even more painful for us to announce that this year’s Imagination Summer Festival has been canceled. Finding a suitable places to organize music festivals of this type is more and more difficult each upcoming year, and although we have already prepared and negotiated the perfect location for this event, we were expelled at the last minute due to administrative legal reasons that we could not influence. In the history of the Imagination Festival, this kind of inconvenience has occurred for the very first time. We really did our best in order to find suitable venue until the last minute. We went through dozens of options, but unfortunately none of them met the conditions you would deserve for the first summer Imagination Festival. We’re very sorry, but do not get dissapointed, because we have prepared a alternative and compensation that may get you in a mood.

We would like to assure you that you will not lose an opportunity to enjoy the confirmed artists that were so far disclosed on the line up. We are working hard to ensure that at least a part of the artists from the upcoming line-up will arrive at an alternative event. Soon you will get a hot info about winter Imagination Festival and other upcoming events. Those of you who have already purchased an Imagination Summer ticket in presale will get a pass to winter Imagination Festival 2019 that will be absolutely free of charge.

All of you who bought the ticket to Imagination Summer in presale will be immediately refunded.  Every one of you whose case this is, has already been contacted this morning via email with all the details and confirmation about receiving a free pass to Imagination Festival 2019.

Imagination Festival Team

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