Another week and we’ve got another taste of what awaits us all on 22 November. In addition to Imagination Stage, which we introduced to you last time, the winter edition of the Imagination Festival is once again proud to present the somewhat harder-edged Devastator Stage, which focuses primarily on music from the Harder Styles genre. These are the genres, such as hardstyle, hardcore, frenchcore, and uptempo, that will wring out of you the last drops of the energy that floods the entire Výstaviště in Prague’s Letňany neighborhood. And we didn’t hold back this year. We believe that the list of international and domestic stars below will compel you to prepare for this night, to gather your strength and enjoy the entire night with us. Let’s go for it!

The first to appear on the Devastator Stage, complete with a full old-school set, is the Slovak DJ UPLIFTER. Whether you’re a dinosaur yourself or you wish to get back in touch with the roots and origins of Harder Styles, you should find yourself in your place right from the very beginning.

The elite group of Hardstyle DJs b2b2b will represent the Czech scene, namely MEJSI vs. CRANE vs. SIXTAS. MEJSI, the only woman, will bring an energetic set alongside CRANE, facing off against the insane twins of SIXTAS. You’ll find out how their collaboration will work before the performance of the first international producer of the evening.

We’re of course referring to the Dutch DJ and producer Demi Kanon. He will continue bringing the hardstyle tempo from his label Scantraxx. Demi Kanon was brought into the cream of the hardstyle crop in 2015 by hardstyle icon Wildstylez, who actually played with him side-by-side at Defqon 1. Now Demi Kanon needs no assistance, composing along with such household names as Atmozfears and many others.

His act will be followed by none other than the godfathers of hardstyle themselves. TNT aka TECHNOBOY & TUNEBOY are throwbacks to the roughest beginnings of this musical genre. But this doesn’t mean their sound is obsolete. Quite the contrary. After 20 years they’ve been touring the largest global stages at the most exclusive music festivals, shaping their iconic hardstyle into a form you’ll recognize from their newest tracks such as Insane, Gung, or their eagerly awaited collaboration with Wildstylez called Exist.

“The hell with DJ MAG! This is a way better producer than I am” says the multiple winner of the popular Hardwell poll of this year’s headliner on the Devastator Stage. We can look forward to a set full of euphoric hardstyle from the author the anthem of this year’s festival, Decibel. It’s no one other than Atmozfears. His tracks have millions of views, he collaborates with the greatest stars of his genre, and you will witness his Czech debut where he will introduce the newest tracks he has been working on as part of his joint project with the producers Sound Rush.

This brings us to the later phase of the evening, where we will gradually get harder and harder. It all starts with the Australian DELETE famous for his extremely raw hardstyle, highly popular VIP edits and brutal cuts that have been crushing concert halls throughout the world. Will ours survive?

DELETE actually released a track he worked on with another artist who will soon appear on Devastator Stage. Deadly Guns. This hardcore maniac who often combines hardcore with elements of metal, released a new album this year called The Chosen Ones, some of whose compositions he is sure to perform here.

The hardcore part of the evening will have its pinnacle in the form of the king himself, Angerfist, who returns to the Imagination Festival for the first time in 4 years. This year the masked murderer has already created the second anthem for the largest hardcore festival Dominator.

But the evening is far from over. In fact this is where we step on the gas! We’ll hit 180+ BPM with the frenchcore sorcerer SEFA. This young Dutchman is now considered the icon of his genre. His tracks featuring Dr. Peacock rank among the most widely listened frenchcore compositions of all time. Such successes brought him to this year’s honorary position as the last DJ in the largest harder styles festival in the world – Defqon 1. Sefa has allegedly prepared several brand new edits that will set the Imagination Festival on fire.

As the end of the festival approaches you can look forward to beauty and the beast, aka F.Noize vs. LADY DAMMAGE. They will show us what quality uptempo sounds like. The Spanish producer and the Italian underground king are sure to bring their hot blood into their set on the Devastator Stage.

The entire Devastator Stage at Imagination Festival 2019 will close out with the widely known Czech producers HUNGRY BEATS. These local heavyweights and stars are sure to do their international predecessors justice, featuring the best of their repertoire and squeezing out of us the last drops of energy remaining after the entire evening.

The entire evening will be brought to life by the legendary MC DV8. One of the greatest global harder styles MCs now returns to the Imagination Festival after 3 years.

This entire musical hell (or heaven?) will be laid out before you in the PVA Expo. It goes without saying that this will include a special design stage and laser light show. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, they are still available for purchase through the GoOut sales network. They are priced at CZK 990 + fee that accompanies the last wave of tickets. Don’t miss out!





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