Are you one of those ravers who think club events are just child’s play? Is there nothing you love more than losing track of time and space in front of the speakers? Is the moshpit your ultimate idea of heaven? Well, we have a treat for you: an insane 14-hour Outdoor Rave!

For the second-last weekend in August, we are working to amaze you with an absolutely pimped-up line-up that will fulfill every passionate raver’s wildest dreams and bring even the most seasoned veterans on the brink of blissful exhaustion. Do you have the courage to push the limits of your endurance?

So, by now it should be clear that the Outdoor Rave is not for the faint of heart. Testing the capacity of your party batteries will be two stunning stages, blasting a carefully selected mix of drum & bass and the harder styles, set in the premises of a well-known amphitheatre near Pardubice. If you had no plans for late August, well, now you do!

The festival area opens on Saturday afternoon, and from that point everything will be swooshing forward at the speed of light until Sunday morning. For your maximum comfort, we will provide shuttle buses from Pardubice and back. The rest is all up to you: call your friends, get your tickets, and enjoy the long night you are not going to forget anytime soon!



We are now launching a ticket giveaway contest for 50 free tickets including free camping. All you need to do is sign up here before 8th April.





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