November 22nd is slowly coming. A celebration of all fans of drum & bass music, which will be held again in the PVA EXPO in Prague’s Letňany. This night filled with non-stop energy, famous and new tunes and finally straight and broken beats will be led by the top-notch foreign and Czech artists. Tenth edition of Imagination Festival will once again host two stages, one filled with Drum & Bass and second filled with Harder Styles. Imagination Drum & Bass stage will offer you all genres of Drum & Bass starting from melodic through Neurofunk up to dark DnB genres including Hardcore DnB.

The lineup is already complete. The only thing remaining is to introduce to you the stars of our Imagination Drum&Bass Stage in an order in which they will appear on stage.

We will kick off the night with brilliant local producer of melodic Drum & Bass called Madface. His energetic sets are usually based on fresh and unknown dubplates with which he got to the most famous labels like Liquicity and RAM records.

The second local hero is legendary producer and DJ Rido. He will kick off the night with a fresh deep Drum & Bass set. If you’re not a fan of deep don’t worry because Rido can be pretty spontaneous and diverse in his sets. At the moment he’s even starting his own label called Rido music.

The first international artist of the Imagination stage in 2019 will be British producer duo Koven. Most of the performances are usually represented only by beautiful and extra talented Katie. But don’t worry because her energetic dancefloor drum&bass sets are truly amazing. Mostly because she’s singing Koven songs live. She already dominated great stages of Let it Roll, Beats for Love or Liquicity with her beautiful voice. Now she will lead you to the borders of your Imagination.

Next in line will be another British DJ & Producer which also has some multi-genre tunes called Muzzy. With his Drum&Bass releases, he has been multiple times nominated for DNBArena Awards. His signature sound is represented on Monstercat and has already given him the opportunity to work with names such as Celldweller, Delta Heavy, Turno or A.M.C.

And it is A.M.C who’s gonna lead you after that. The famous British producer and absolute master of the decks is well-known to our fans, therefore this time he will bring you his new album called Energy. Energy is also what you’ll get in his performance.

Primetime of Friday night will be lead by one of the biggest names of electronic music in general. It is with great pleasure to tell you that Noisia (DJ Set) will be playing one of their last shows in central Europe right at the Imagination stage. This legendary dutch trio has just announced their last tour in 2020. We have a strong feeling that their set will be even more amazing as it was three years back when they’ve performed at imagination last time.

After this show, we’ll get more harder on the waves of Neurofunk. The imagination stage will be taken over by the most popular Neurofunk at the moment called Eatbrain. Their special Eatbrain league performance will be held by eastern European trio Jade (Hungary), L33 (Bulgaria) and Agressor Bunx (Ukraine). This brutal force will show you how it’s made by the best of Neurofunk scene. You can expect absolutely smashing b2b2b set.

Another eastern Europe storm will take place. This year’s founded label Neuropunk is connecting the great minds of Russian Drum & Bass and not the small ones. Teddy KillerzGydra, and Mizo will show you reasons why they’re so popular not only in our local waters but also worldwide. Another perfect combination of b2b2b set that will lead us through the night.

As the night will flow on the waves of Neurofunk, we won’t stop. Adding a more dark atmosphere that will come to the wave of dark drum&bass will be an iconic german producer called Current Value. If you think you already heard his name you’re definitely right because he has been a music composer of this years Let it Roll Winter.

This magical night will be closed with a bang and will be lead by one and only Hallucinator. This iconic drum&bass duo from Italia in masks will give you the best of Neurofunk Drum & Bass music leading even to dark and hardcore Drum & Bass. No wonder that these south European heads have won many awards including our own CZ/SK DNB Awards in 2018 as the best foreign act.

All of these stars and much more will be ready in just 2 months on great big stages of PVA Expo Prague. Together with lasers, a specially crafted stage design and perfect sound you’ll get an experience that will lead beyond borders of your Imagination. Tickets are available in GoOut and Festicket network, the last wave is on sale now for 45 euros excluding fees.
See you soon!



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