Useful information

Looking for practical information about Imagination Festival 2021? Read our complete overview of the next year’s festival, which includes information on transport, tickets, meet & greet or merchandise. There must also be time schedules for performing artists, a detailed map of the festival and many other useful information. We will continuously update the practical information.


The Imagination Festival will take place in November 2021 in the halls of the Prague PVA EXPO in Letňany. You can read more about venue at THIS LINK. For parking at the PVA EXPO Letňany Exhibition Grounds, it is possible to use the P + R car park at the metro station.


Tickets are available in advance until Friday afternoon, you can buy them HERE. Tickets purchased online do not need to be printed, just present the ticket on your smartphone. Exceptions are phones with a cracked or otherwise damaged display. In this case, it is necessary to print the ticket in advance. Visitors who have purchased a ticket in advance in the Goout or Festicket network (in a stone branch or on the Internet as an E-Ticket) will arrive directly at the corridors at the entrance to the complex.

WARNING: Avoid buying tickets from resellers or on social networks – all tickets pass through the reading device when entering the premises and their reuse is not possible.

We recommend that you come by 9:30 pm to avoid unnecessary queues, not to miss some of the foreign performers and also to have the opportunity to get some things from our limited edition merchandise at the stand, which will be located in the hall with Imagination internship. To speed up check-in, handstrip bracelets will not be attached to visitors’ hands. Visitors will have the opportunity to go out into the fresh air during the entire festival – for this purpose, an outdoor area between the halls is reserved, where refreshments will also be available.

After leaving the premises, the ticket expires.


Accreditations will open at 19:00 and are located as well as the cash register before entering the complex. Don’t forget to bring your ID card, necessary for your identification at accreditations.


The Imagination Festival will include the traditional Meet & Greet zone with a photo wall, where you will be able to take pictures with your friends and meet the performers of the festival. We will publish the Meet & Greet program shortly before the festival.


Smoking is prohibited in the halls of PVA EXPO Letňany. Please respect it. Take advantage of the outdoor spaces between the halls. It is forbidden to bring into the area any drinks, food, weapons, markers, drugs, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic bottles, camelbacks or any sharp objects that could endanger other visitors. Dealers who are caught on the premises selling drugs will be handed over to the Police of the Czech Republic with the assistance of security guards. If you meet such a person, please let our guard know.

Every visitor is obliged to undergo a security check, for which we thank you in advance. We ask visitors to avoid pushing during the possible queue, as this will not speed up your entry to the festival. During the event, our video team will shoot on the spot. Please be considerate of them and the reward for this may be your participation in the festival aftermovie.



The cloakroom will be available at the end of the alley between the halls, in hall 1. It will be possible to store clothes for CZK 50 / piece, a backpack or other luggage for CZK 70. A limited number of Lockerboxes will also be available for all visitors for CZK 150 (+ CZK 100 deposit).
We ask all visitors to place their backpacks or other luggage in the locker room for the night so as not to bother other visitors and at the same time prevent the loss / damage of the item.


There will be a total of 8 bars. As every year, you will find premium alcohol in the assortment. During the festival, a dining stand will be opened in the outdoor part of the complex between the halls.


In order to save the environment by tons of waste, we are introducing backed-up cups with motifs from our festivals this year as well. The deposit for one cup will be 50 CZK. When buying another drink, each cup will be replaced with a clean one (if you want to hide the cup, take it with you). The cups can be returned at the bars. Damaged cups cannot be redeemed.


The toilets will be located outside in the alley between the halls and also inside the hall opposite the Devastator stagi.


There will be an emergency service on site, located opposite the entrance to the lobby next to the Meet & Greet zone. Security and firefighters will also pass through the complex, ensuring the safety of us all. Please report any problem immediately to our security guard.


Imagination drum & bass stage will be sounded by a professional audio system from Funktion-One. The devastator stage will also be sounded by a professional audio system from L‘Acoustics. We recommend our visitors to take earplugs with them to protect their hearing.


Photography and filming at the festival on cameras, camcorders and mobile phones is permitted.